About Us
Ebodi.com (Ebodi Health Inc) is a subscription based on-line exercise,nutrition and motivational network.The ebodi software platform generates customized nutrition, supplement, exercise and coaching programs. These programs are not diet based but rather nutrient focused with meal plans and exercise programs designed to eliminate nutrient deficiencies, address common health conditions,lose body fat, increase muscle and strength,improve health and longevity and stay motivated. Each program is designed based upon individual goals, present state of health, vitamin, protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements, physical fitness, experience and lifestyle.

Ebodi.com provides personalized exercise and nutrition plans based upon comprehensive personal profiles. The profiles, which are some of the most in depth in the industry, elicit information on fitness goals and exercise experience, essential nutrient consumption, stress levels, food allergies and preferences as well as ones emotional health. In addition, subscribers are able to determine if they are meeting the Recommended Dietary Allowance for nutrients in their diet by inputting the foods they consume for each meal.

The users program, which can be accessed twenty four hours per day, seven days per week, also provides comprehensive exercise programs in addition to nutrient based meal plans. The exercise programs allow for different levels of experience and conditioning and are constantly changing to improve results due to Ebodi.com's interactive training technology.

Ebodi.com provides members with goal setting plans, success habits, a thought provoking personality profile, as well as inspirational quotes and recommended readings. In addition, Ebodi.com also provides recipes, shopping lists and fitness tips to complete the benefits of this online coaching system.

Ebodi.com's panel of experts is diverse and consists of Registered Nutritional Consultants, Certified Personal Trainers, a highly skilled technical staff and a seasoned advisory board.



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Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body

-- Francois De La Rochefoucauld