Would You Like To Increase The Profitability of Your Fitness, Nutrition or Self Improvement Offer by 50% Overnight With Zero Effort?

Right now you are losing up to 50% of your profits every day and this JV Up Sell Proposal can change all of that...

The best part is we have already done all of the work for you! We have created the ideal up sell product offering and sales page specifically for YOUR customers. This will provide your customer with HUGE benefit and value while increasing the transaction value and profit with just one click!

Hi my name is Bruce Krahn and I am the owner of a number of successful online products (including Trouble Spot Training and Trouble Spot Nutrition) and the world’s most comprehensive nutrition & exercise software- ebodi.com

I’ve put together this joint venture up sell proposal document for you today, because I believe that an up sell partnership between the Ebodi software platform and Clickbank's 'Up sell JV Contract' will help you to claim the extra money that you are leaving on the table right now.

Here are some quick facts and statistics about my Ebodi.com platform:

This program has been used by tens of thousands of satisfied clients and has low refund rates (less than 10%)!

The product is sold as a $47 yearly membership and I have setup the Clickbank up sell contract so that we split the profits of each sale 50/50. It will work as follows:

Customer purchases your initial product and is offered a one year membership to the Ebodi Members Only Coaching Club for the price of $47. Clickbank takes their $1 + 7.5% commission, which leaves $42.55 (aprox). We each get 50% of the $42.55 left after Clickbank’s fees, so we each get $21.28per sale.

This Means More Value For Your Customers And MORE Money For Your Business - With Zero Hassle, Effort or Expense To You!

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Q) How do I know that I will get my fair share of the up sell profits?

A) The Clickbank contract outlines exactly how the profits will be divided and once we both accept the terms of the up sell contract, Clickbank won’t allow changes to be made to this contract without consent from us both. Clickbank divides up all of the profits according to the up sell JV contract before either of us receives the money, so you can be certain that you are going to get paid your fair share of the profits.

Q) What if I want to cancel this Up Sell JV Contract at a later date?

A) You always retain complete control over the up sell flow for your products from within your Clickbank account. At any time you can cancel this Up Sell JV Contract and remove the up sell flow from your account. There will be no hard feelings between us, even if you decide to give this up sell joint venture a go and want to cancel it straight away afterwards (but once you see the extra profits coming in overnight I highly doubt this will happen)

Q) Who will deal with the customer support?

A) As I mentioned, we have sold over 10,000 memberships to Ebodi.com so far and already have in place a rock solid membership site that customers love and a great customer support team. We deal with everything from product delivery to customer support so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Q) So how much extra work is actually required on my part?

A) There is very little that you need to do to start earning extra money from this deal. I have already got the proven product, the customer support, the up sell sales page targeted to your customers with the correct payment links and we use the Clickbank Up Sell JV Contract. All you need to do is accept the Clickbank Up Sell JV contract, create the up sell flow in your account and then add the up sell parameter to your payment link on your sales page. The whole process will take you less than 5 minutes and I can walk you through the whole thing on Skype if you like.

Q) Can I host the up sell sales page on my own site?

A) If you would feel more comfortable hosting the up sell sales page on your own server we can definitely make that happen. I would recommend that we keep the up sell page hosted on our website though because we can then easily update the page if changes or new bonuses are added to the product and also we are constantly split testing this page, so we can implement what is working on this page and keep increasing conversions as high as possible.

Q) How do I know that you will treat my customers well?

A) Customer satisfaction is a big priority for us and we have an awesome customer support system and team in place. That is why after selling over 10,000 memberships our refund rate is less than 10%, which is excellent for a Clickbank product in this niche.

Q) What exactly are the risks to me if I take you up on this deal?

A) We have worked tremendously hard to ensure that there are virtually NO risks for you in doing this up-sell JV deal and just a lot of potential increase in profits. Even in the worst case scenario if the up-sell flops with your customers and only a small percentage of them buy it, you will be able to easily cancel the deal at anytime and all you will have lost is a small amount of time setting up the deal.

Q) If an affiliate refers the initial sale do they get a commission of the up sell sale?

A) This is entirely up to you as these are your affiliates. If you would like to offer commission to your affiliates for sales of the Ebodi Members Only Coaching Club this can easily be done inside of the Clickbank Up Sell JV Contract. For example, if we set the affiliate commission percentage in the up sell contract to 50%, they would get paid a 50% commission of the $42.55 ($21.28) and you and I will each get 50% of the remaining $21.28, so we receive $10.64 each.

Q) Can I view the members area of the Ebodi members Only Coaching Club

A) Of course! Simply email me and I will set you up with your own, personal membership right away.

Please Get In Touch!

This document gives you an overview of how you can increase the profitability and value of your current offer with very little effort on your part. The entire process can be completed online in a day and you can have the up sell in place and making profits for you by tomorrow.

If you would like to get in touch with me and talk over the details of the deal I would be more than happy to do so and to answer any questions that you have. The best way to get in touch with me is via email or Skype:

Email: bruce(at)ebodi.com

Skype: bruce.krahn1

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to making this up sell JV deal a profitable success for us both.


Bruce Krahn